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Listen to our stories about different adventures which we, the students of Adventure Academy 2017, have set for us as challenges for this summer. You will hear amazing stories about why we have decided to realize our “dream adventures”, what drive us, what are the challenges, expectations, fears, motivations behind or what we simply want to achieve.. The interviews are so inspirational and there is a new episode every week!
I am sure that after hearing these stories you might reconsider your holiday plans and get yourself out in the nature to make your own adventure.. Small or big, it’s not important! 

Obs! In Swedish only!

Adventure Academy 2017



#kvinnligaäventyrare på Ängsö

On Saturday, 6th May I have travelled to Ängsö, which is a beautiful and calm countryside area just outside Västerås, surrounded with waters of lake Mälaren, Sweden´s third largest lake. Here, in the middle of nature and at the furthers peak of a small peninsula, was held a happening organized by a group of enthusiastic women driving #kvinnligaäventyrare.

This day was devoted to all women who love nature, outdoor life and all different outside activities.

With increased trend on communication through social media and different virtual tools, the focus of the day was on  “real” interactions –  to bring together all those who do not want to be seen only “through the screen” of their computers or smart phones but want to connect with others in a “real life”, put actual faces behind the pictures on Instagram and FB and find a moment for a chat with others in richer extend than with only hashtags and short expressions.

The red thread was the main mission of #kvinnligaäventyrare project (www.kvinnligaä, whose goal is to enhance women as adventurers and by various activities to inspire and encourage them to spend more time outside, discover nature and outdoor life. Simply to empower women in becoming more “adventurous” and to dare to pursue their own outdoor dreams.

The day was full of activities and inspiring workshops. One of the workshops which I personally liked very much was “writing workshop” during which Sanna, a writer and a travel blogger, took us through her tips and tricks how to write about our adventures and what are the things we shall never forget.

A very good knowledge to have before my summer adventure!

Another session focused on how to pack things for our adventure in a smart way in order to avoid way too heavy rucksack or unnecessary things. I got very good tips for my summer project, especially when I am right now working on my equipment list. This is always a tough question where you need to negotiate between the weight and things you believe you might need.. I must say I have always hard time to pack myself smart and light so this is a real challenge which I still need to work on! 🙂

From a moment of desperation, when it took me for ages to be able to set fire with help of just a fire steel (fire striker tool) and a knife, to a looong minutes of patience when I was sharpening my super dull knife with sand paper or trying to carve a wooden horse, I have finished the day with finding my calmness and peace during “hikefullness workshop” with Angeliqua from Vandringsbloggen. To walk in nature and be aware of all the natural phenomenon around you, allowing yourself to be present in the moment, feel the wind in your face, hear the sound of water breaking against the shore or the singing of birds far up in the crowns of the trees made me feel relaxed , slowed me down from my everyday hectic pace and brought me a reward in feeling the harmony and peace in my soul..

I came back home relaxed, inspired for future adventures and enriched with new friendships! I truly believe in women strength and I am so happy that happenings like this are organized! Let´s inspire and get inspired! Let the adventurers in us bring us again  soon together!

When you go off the road..

We are all quite good in creating routines. They give us some level of security, make us feel comfortable in whatever we do and help us to switch off from thinking too much about things we do as we do not challenge the existing status quo.

If we just quickly think about the place where we live I wonder how many of us can really say that they know it, that they actually have taken time to go and discover the area “behind their fences” ?

We all are quite good in finding the shortest and the most time efficient ways to take us from one place to another and then we stick with them, giving up on the excitement to let ourselves “get lost”, to be able to discover more and see the places from different perspectives. How can we possibly build the “bigger picture” of where we live if we do not invest any time into really discovering it?

I have met many people who do not know what is behind that building they pass by every day when running to and from a bus stop. What a nice area might it be further down in that park they go for picnic during the weekends or what a hidden gem is just a 5 minute walk from their house… If you do not challenge your routines, you will stick with your learnt patterns..

My mission of today was hence to take a short adventure to discover what the woods around the place where we have our cabin can offer. I just walked around without a specific goal  and let the nature lead me.  I walked on the ice across the lake to the opposite shore, where I found a small society, I got lost in the forest but discovered a small river and lake which I was not aware of, I walked up the hill to be rewarded by a beautiful view over the mountain massives at the horizon and then walked back towards our cabin following snowmobile tracks just to see where they would lead me… This adventure took me about 4 hours but it was so exciting and enriching! I got new perspectives of this place and only thanks to this I can put another few puzzles on my map together!

After today I am so fired up to take myself out again in the “hunt” to find as many new puzzle pieces as possible and compile them together in one complex picture! And how about you? Do you feel inspired? Go, take yourself out and create your everyday´s adventure! And don’t forget – don´t be afraid to walk different ways. They will always lead you somewhere, they will enrich you, show you new perspectives and give you new experience… And if you don´t like the way you walk, you can always turn back…

Hochfuegen Freeride Fest

First weekend in April I got a chance to be part of a crew organizing ski event called Freeride Fest (https:// ) dedicated to all ski enthusiasts and specially to freeride skiing. The event was held in ski resort Hochfuegen, Austria.

Hochfuegen – a small but amazing resort offering great freeride opportunities is hidden at the begin of the famous Zillertal Valley at the very end of a 12km narrow swirling road with great mountain views. If you fancy off-pist skiing and do not mind short or longer hikes, you will be rewarded by amazing, sometimes more than 1000 elevation difference rides varying from easy open terrain to small couloirs or forest skiing.  You can literally choose whatever terrain you fancy the most for your freeride experience.

The aim of this event was to celebrate skiing by gathering all ski and mountain enthusiasts together, share knowledge, raise awareness of safety in the mountains and especially in the “free terrain” and to show a wider public that mountains are worth exploring behind the slopes and ski resorts as well –  as long as you have the right knowledge and equipment.

I was excited that I could be leading some of the freeride workshops offered during this weekend and to show my curious “freeride beginners” as well as experienced skiers what is freeriding about. I had groups up to 8 people which I had a pleasure to introduce to freeriding, share my knowledge about how to read the terrain, snow and ski conditions, how to evaluate potential avalange risks and what measures to take before, during and after freeriding. There is lots of rules and important things to bear in mind once you decide to leave the slopes and enter the “free zone”.

My mission was to show that freeriding is sport not only for “the extreme crazy few of us” but it can be actually something for everyone as long as you play according to the rules, follow the big MUSTS and listen to your “intuition” as well as to the mountains. It was so exciting to see their happy faces and smiles during and after our rides as well as to feel that I can influence them to dare to try more, push the limits and challenge their initial hesitations.

After this weekend I hope that I helped them to open the doors to something new, something adventurous which some of them would perhaps not dare to try on their own…  Hearing their feedbacks and curious questions during the days and over a glass of wine in the evenings made me confident that these short but intensive 3 days were a great “freeride teaser” towards their new adventurous era in their freeride skiing experience. I feel that I have planted the seeds to their future passion for freeriding and this is something which makes me super happy! My mission of this weekend was completed – I have spread my big love to freeriding and inspired others to engage in this amazing sport!

You can check a summary and short video from the event at:

Uppdateringar på sidan

Äntligen har jag haft lite tid över att uppdatera sidan med lite grafik och bilder. Jag lyckades även ta mig ut i vårsolen tillsammans med Nicklas och fotografera några träningsbilder.  Härligt!


I helgen åker jag till Alperna för att närvara vid en freeridefestival tillsammans med gänget från förr. Skidor, sol och snö, fantastiskt! Det kommer att bli underbart att få känna på snön igen. Ungefär lika roligt som sommarens äventyr kommer att bli.



Vildmarksmässan (The Swedish Outdoor Show) with Adventure Academy: 3 full days of inspiration, education, exciting presentations, outdoor tips and tricks, meeting and connecting with so many interesting and inspiring people and presenting my own summer adventure. I’ m blessed I could be part of this and spread the outdoor vibe! Feeling a strong desire to pack my rucksack soon and get out..!!! Extreme Wanderlust is calling!!