About me


Photo: nicklashoeglund.com

My name is Simona Hrstkova and I am driving this amazing project. I am a normal girl which burns for active life, sport, training and healthy lifestyle.

I am 34 years old, born in the Czech Republic but living in Sweden for six years. I have two different personalities. The first one is the ”adventurer” who has thousands of various projects on the go and loves to be in a constant flow. She loves nature, outdoor life, various adventures, sleep in a tent all year around and surround herself with people burning for similar things. She does not fancy bit cities or be surrounded with too many and unnecessary things… The other personality is the ”ordinary girl” which has office job, mortgage, everyday routines and a need to go out and socialise.

I have studied law and in 2009 got my job as lawyer at the Human Rights Council at the Office of the Czech Government. Two years later I moved to Sweden and started a completely new era with a new job at an international company working as Regulatory and Quality Manager. My responsibilities spread from product safety & risk assessment till product quality assurance. I love to travel, see new countries as well as meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. I have completed my doctoral studies in human rights in 2012 and got degree of ”doctor of laws”. I have also studied intellectual property rights as I found this area very exciting.

I like reading books, constantly learn new things, further educate myself as well as to relax by playing piano or just walking around and discovering new places. I love cats and gardening. I have very curious personality which feeds my desire to try new things and seek constantly for achieving more… I never give up on something which I commit to do..

I am brought up in a family with strong sport background. My father is successful ski coach and my sister is a former professional athlete in alpine skiing. It is therefore not a big surprise that I have competed in alpine skiing and inherited a deep passion for sport and different types of activities – I love skiing, climbing, MTB biking, running, functional training, hiking, kayaking, swimming, joga, cross training … Basically, any kind of movement… If you ask me what is my favourite season I would not be able to pick one as I love all. Each is special in certain way. Each gives me new energy and offer opportunities for different types of activities and experience.

When I was twenty I discovered freeriding (freeskiing) which has completely changed my current life. At that point it was not only freeride competitions which I passionately engaged myself in but also different lifestyle. A completely new dimension of outdoor life has opened in front of me. I realised that being in the mountains, enjoying freeriding where I can choose my own line and hike up the mountains freely without limitations brings me a new feeling – I feel free, in harmony with nature and I am finding my inner peace. I realised that thanks to freeriding I found the real me and my big love to the mountains.

Over the years and thanks to freeriding I had a chance to spend lot of time in the mountains and especially in the Alps. I was engaged in different ski and outdoor projects and collaborated with various magazines and companies. Today my engagement in the freeride scene it is not as intensive as it used to be but what remains is my strong passion for nature, mountains and outdoor life. This can be whatsoever – from a hike up to the mountain peaks till climbing or bouldering in Norway, paddling kayak in Stockholm archipelago or just go fishing to one of the thousands lakes in Sweden… My virtual adventure book is simply limitless..



A documentary movie about freeriding. I was one of the five profiles in the movie. (Movie duraton: 50 min)
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/56476068
3rd place in Category Adventurous and Extreme Sport Film at International Film Festival of Outdoor Movies 2013

Collaboration with one of the biggest Czech ski magazines. (www.snow.cz)
Ski and Travel project (SNOWride) to different ski destinations in Europe.
We have created material about different ski resorts and have documented our travels with photo, short movies and reportages. These were printed in the magazine or published online.

SNOWfest (2008, 2009, 2010) (www.snowfest.cz )
An event where all ski enthusiasts can meet for one week, ride together, share passion for skiing, learn new things from the outdoor world, freeriding and skiing in general. I have helped the organizers during these projects with various workshops and activities.

SAFE MOUNTAINS PROJECT (http://www.bezpecnehory.cz/en/home/)
The goal of this project was to inform a wider public about skiing, freeriding, safety in the mountains as well as the risks which are connected to freeriding and activities in the free terrain. It was six short movies in total with different focus (equipment, terrain, weather, avalanges, accidents and injuries in the mountains, the 10 freeride commandments)

OBJEKTIV – Travel program of the Czech Television

2015: Reportage from skiing in Switzerland (Engelberg)

2017: Reportage from skiing (http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/11747169226-objektiv-ct24/217411030410004/) – min:10:40 i programmet

FREERIDEFEST (https://www.freeridefest.com) April 2017
Weekend dedicated to skiing and freeriding with the aim to spread the awareness and knowledge about safety in the mountains, freeride experience and different types of winter activities.
I was part of the crew organizing this event and helping with the freeride workshops.


Czech Ski Women Freeride  Champion (2009 och 2010)

1:st place – Redbull Powder Kick, Rilla Lakes, Bulgaria 2009 (Ski freeride competition)

1:st place – Scott Czech Ride Davos 2009 (Ski freeride competition)

5:th place – Scott Czech Ride Lenzerheide 2010, Freeride World Qualifier (Ski freeride competition)