The Adventure


Extreme Wanderlust is a journey through Sweden. An adventure which I have always dreamt about but never realised. My mission is to travel through the country by using only my body as the source of energy to be able to experience Swedish nature and beauty from a slightly different angle than one would normally do. I will hike the mountains, bike, and paddle kayak to experience Sweden from inside out.

I have been living in Sweden for six years. To live here is a big adventure for me on its own. This country fascinates me. The more I travel around the more I need to see … My ”bucket list” is becoming longer and longer with every trip I do. There is simply so many beautiful places which I feel I need to discover. These contrasts from north till south, east to west, from large mountain massives till stormy sea and long sand beaches, from deep forests till open fields or broad salmon rivers and million lakes whenever your eye can reach are so captivating…

”For me who is not brought up in Sweden is Swedish nature completely different from what I am used to from Czech and Europe. This is also the reason why I am so excited to discover more from this country. I have such a strong and irresistible need to go out, take myself to new places and find all the hidden gems which Sweden has to offer.. “

My Mission is to travel through Sweden by using only my body as the source of energy. I will therefore bike, paddle kayak and hike the mountains to be able to transport myself from one point to another. On my journey I want to reach six Swedish geographical extreme points which I have chosen as my fixed goals for my adventure. These six points are the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost, westernmost, highest and lowest point in Sweden.

The journey is the goal..

Map over the route

Thanks to my adventure I want to find back my ”adventurer in me” and feed her passion for nature by discovering new places. I want to learn, feel and experience Sweden in my special way. This is how I plan to satisfy my extreme desire for discovering Sweden. The six extreme points which I will meet on the way will be my fixed points for my project but not the most important goals I want to achieve. The ultimate goal is Sweden itself.

I want to explore Swedish nature, see how it changes under my journey from north till south or east till west, find the similarities and differences between different parts of Sweden, witness the contrasts and resemblances. I want to write down new experience in my Extreme Wanderlust Diary for each and every day of my adventure. This can be whatsoever—from a mountain peak summit, eye captivating sunset over the lake till a short reflection about the nature around me, flower which I see on the way, animal or interesting sights… Everything which I will meet under my journey and which leaves an emotional footprint in me….

Bike etaps:
Kilpisjärvi – Nikkaluokta
Haparanda – Strömstad
Strömstad – Kristianstad
Kristianstad – Smygehuk

approx. 2800 km in total biking distance

Kayak etaps:
Haparanda – Kataja
Kataja – Haparanda
approx. 3 mil (30 km)

Strömstad – Stora Drammen
Stora Drammen – Strömstad
approx. 3 mil (30 km)

Hiking etaps:
Kilpisjärvi – Treriksröset
Treriksröset – Kilpisjärvi
2.2 mil (22 km)

Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise
Kebnekaise – Nikkaluokta
6.2 mil (62 km)

My second goal is to thanks to my adventure grow further personally. I want to discover what is my potential and capabilities. I want to learn where my limits are and what happens if I push them even further. What can I achieve if I go to the max and feed to the utmost my passion for sport and nature? What does it mean to commit to ultimate adventure?
I will be testing myself but I also want to inspire others not to be afraid to do something adventurous and to dare to try something new…I want to show others that we shall not just take the day as it comes but actively create it. Do something for ourselves, challenge us, meet everyday as a new opportunity and welcome new things. I want to inspire others. Inspire them to dare to make that change. Dare not to be scared to go outside our comfort zone, define our own passion and pursue it.. We are so good in dreaming about things, situation or life changes but not so good in realising them. I want to show others that this is possible and not as hard as one might think… we just need to make that first step towards realising our dreams…

Extreme Wanderlust
The name of my adventure combines my complex feeling which I get when thinking about my adventure. To realise it will be extremely tough—physically and mentally. At the same time my wanderlust is so forceful that I just cannot let it go.. I need to feed it with this adventure..
The word “Extreme” refers also to the six geographical extreme points as word Extremum is an expression used in mathematic to define maximum and minimum and is moreover applied to also describe geographical extreme points.
Wanderlust, furthermore, is defined as a strong desire or impulse to travel or discover the world…

My adventure is combining all the above definitions and therefore the name cannot suit any better!

Treriksröset (Northernmost point
coordinates: 69°03′36″N 20°32′55″Ö

Kebnekaise (Highest point)
coordinates: 67°54′03″N 18°31′00″Ö

Kataja (Easternmost point )
coordinates: 65°42′0″N 24°10′0″Ö

Stora Drammen (Westernmost point )
coordinates: 58°55′43″N 10°57′27″Ö

Nosabyviken (Lowest point)
coordinates: 56°01′16″N 14°11′01″Ö

Smygehuk (Southernmost point)
coordinates: 55°20′13″N 13°21′34″Ö